Get Involved

Make a Difference in Our Music Community

At Weaver Music Boosters, Inc., we believe that every helping hand makes a significant impact on the success of our music programs. Whether you have a passion for Color Guard, Percussion, Marching Band, or Concert Band, there are countless opportunities for you to get involved and contribute to the vibrant world of music at Weaver Middle School.

Color Guard: Our Color Guard is an integral part of the marching band, adding visual artistry and elegance to our performances. Volunteers are needed to support these talented performers in various ways, from assisting with costume changes to ensuring they have the right equipment and props for each show.

Percussion: The rhythmic heartbeat of our band, the Percussion section, relies on dedicated volunteers to help with instrument setup, maintenance, and transportation. Join us in keeping the beat strong and steady.

Marching Band: The pride of our school, our Marching Band, always welcomes enthusiastic volunteers. You can help by ensuring the band kids are well-fed and hydrated during long practices and performances. Assistance with equipment loading and unloading is also greatly appreciated.

Concert Band: Our Concert Band showcases the musical prowess of our students in a more traditional setting. Volunteers can support this group by assisting with concert logistics, setting up the venue, and ensuring a smooth experience for both performers and the audience.

Uniforms and More: Volunteers are essential for ensuring that our students look and feel their best. Help with uniform fittings, maintenance, and organization to ensure that our band members are always ready to shine.

Other Opportunities: Our music community is full of diverse needs and talents. If you have a skill or service you'd like to offer, we welcome your ideas and contributions. Whether it's event planning, fundraising, or simply sharing your passion for music, there's a place for you in the Weaver Music Boosters family.

By becoming a part of our volunteer network, you'll not only support the growth and development of our talented young musicians but also forge lasting connections within our music-loving community. Join us in creating unforgettable musical moments and fostering a love for music that will last a lifetime.

Ready to lend a hand and make a difference? Contact us today to discover how you can get involved and help us create harmonious experiences for our Weaver Middle School band students. Together, we can achieve greatness in music and beyond.